Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls
The main purpose of retaining walls, as the name might suggest, is to keep a variety of materials in a secure position. Often used within the building, construction and agricultural sectors, retaining walls might be required to hold soil back on site, or they are often used for feed or grain storage purposes. Theres no such thing as a typical installation for retaining walls, unique solutions are provided for a diverse range of applications. Predominantly made from concrete, retaining walls vary in design, with solutions that encompass retaining wall blocks and a variety of other construction materials. There are various types of retaining walls that are currently available on the market, with suppliers providing options that are suitable for all requirements.

Types of retaining walls

A-shaped Alfablocs are one option that could be chosen. Yes youve guessed it, these concrete retaining walls are constructed in the shape of a capital A, providing surefooted security whether they are placed directly onto a concrete base floor or secured into position with a series of bolts. Perfect to use for grain storage, rock salt storage or as a type of bay, retaining walls that contain Alfablocs are available in standard and mini sizes. Interlocking L-blocks are other types of retaining walls that prove to be a wise choice. They are constructed from pre-stressed concrete, are completely free standing and are ideal to use for riverbank retention. Shuttering retaining wall blocks are another design option thats often used when stronger reinforcement is required. They incorporate steel reinforcement bars, are dry built to the desired height, then concrete is poured into the top of the retaining wall, to strengthen the structure.

Pick the best solution for your needs.

With numerous options are available and retaining walls created for a broad range if applications, how do you choose the right solution? Speak to suppliers of retaining walls. Let them guide you though each solution. They can provide unbiased advice about the various types of retaining walls, from retaining wall blocks to modular interlocking panels. Take a few tips and youll find retaining walls that meet your individual needs. can supply and install retaining walls , with our retaining wall blocks providing a unique and robust solution to your needs at a competitive price.

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