Retaining Walls Omaha ? Types of Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls Omaha ? Types of Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls Omaha can be defined as a structure that retains or prevents water, dirt, soil or other materials from erosion. It is of great use to prevent collapse of higher level ground over a certain building or any other structure.  These walls are constructed to prevent the downward movement of the earth. The main purpose of these walls is to balance the slope and provide useful areas at various elevations such as roads, railways, building or terraces for agriculture. The land area that is retained is usually referred as backfill.


Typically, there are 4 main types of retaining walls – sheet piling walls, gravity walls, cantilever walls and anchored walls. Depending on the purpose of building retaining walls Omaha, the amount of space you have to build the wall and the condition of the soil where you want to build the wall, the engineers would suggest the type of wall that would best suit your place.

Gravity walls:

Typically, Gravity walls are constructed by digging a trench. You need to hire the services of a professional excavator to dig the trench. These walls are flexible and are a better option than Paver Installation Omaha. These walls are specially designed to be inclined in the retained earth.

Cantilever walls:

These walls are constructed mainly to keep the soil secured. The wall is build using steel with common masonry technique. Some engineers would suggest you using shorter wing balls or buttresses on the side of the main wall so that it provides additional support to the wall. The major benefit of using cantilever walls is that they require lesser construction materials. While construction Cantilever wall, ensure that the base of the wall is well placed underneath the frost point.

Anchor wall:

Several people prefer building anchor wall over natural stone installation Omaha. The anchor walls are like any other walls but are constructed using an anchor to provide additional support to the main wall. Pressurized concrete, cables and other materials can be used to provide additional support.

Sheet piling walls:

Sheet piling walls are usually built at places where the engineers do not have much space to work with and to retain the soft soil. The wall is built using sturdy materials like wooden planks, stainless steel or vinyl sliding Omaha sheets. The construction materials are first driven into the ground to construct a wall. Depending on the height of the wall, you may need an anchor to support the wall.


Typically, constructing a retaining wall would cost you about $ 75/foot including the labor charges. If you provide the construction materials yourself, the labor charges would cost you about $ 10/foot. The cost of constructing the wall varies depending on the type of wall you construct and the type of material you use. For instance, Boulder wall is the cheapest option, whereas Dry Stack flagstone walls are highly expensive.

Irrespective of the type of retaining walls Omaha you construct and the type of materials you use to construct the wall, it is advisable that you consult a professional wall construction engineer for a wall design and plan to suit your purpose. You can try to incorporate landscaping ideas so as to make the surrounding look more attractive and aesthetically appealing.

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