How To Build A Retaining Wall – The Stonemakers™ Method

rifle concrete – More Information! – Check Out Our Site! Building a retaining wall from concrete in a few hours. The most important consideration in proper…

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  1. aidan mc cabe says:

    Hey mate. Can you get back to me as i would like to come over from
    australia and learn the technique and bring it back here!

  2. D. Nygal says:

    WOW & WOW!!!! totally impressive. looks like stone, the coloring is
    awesome. NICE JOB…..

  3. Raymond The-Dean says:

    I wish you could share what you put in the mortar/concrete mix because I am
    in northern California and I cannot find a Stonemakers dealer out here. I
    am seeking information on how to get this in my yard.

  4. Walter Decker says:

    Looks great! Is there anyone in the Orange County, New York area that does
    these retaining walls I would like to get a quote on having one done.

  5. dzintars alphatimber says:

    It looks very good. I have a question about the concrete mix. How to do it
    does not crack? 

  6. proculap montana says:

    i like it. great way to quickly construct a very strong wall. like the
    stone wall builder said…it saves your back. and it looks great. i’m
    building a rock wall now, and this looks really good to me. to bad i’m too
    far into the job to do this. question, how long does the spray on finish
    last, and does it chip or fade?

  7. Slobodan Pavlovic says:

    very realistic natural look

  8. enzo scuderi says:

    I would like info on the material used, because like so much
    in Italy you can have?

  9. ArtixShark 10 says:

    looks awesome !!!!

  10. Shawn Bennett says:

    Excellent video on concrete blocks. I shared it on my site. I have a
    system on how to build your own concrete blocks with molds. Check it out

  11. BoogieWithStew says:

    Replacing a real stone wall with concrete is nutty. The homeowner should
    have just had the natural stones professionally stacked.

  12. StoneMakers™ says:

    @fuzzpool Hey fuzz pool i dont really care i am not here to argue with you
    as to which is better. I have not only have have had experience to know
    what works but I have several inventions on how to do this. if you like
    Rock then why are you on this video Make your own video on real rock im
    sure it looks great. this is an alternative and it works good for our
    customers and our dealers. thank you.

  13. StoneMakers™ says:

    @sshemilla Thank you for the compliment.

  14. StoneMakers™ says:

    how to build a retaining wall in a few hours, hard to believe.

  15. Growpocalypse says:

    Similar real stone wall roughly 10k right? Amazing look. You’ve got
    yourself a great business in what you’re doing. Nice!

  16. StoneMakers™ says:

    @fuzzpool There is a very large market for what we do and it looks a whole
    lot better than block and some real rock. Go to the block videos and
    comment on there about your real rock and the benefits of real rock vs
    block. 92 percent of all retaining walls are done with block. this is a
    better alternative, price wise and much stronger. Good luck with your rock
    building hope you can get your prices in this economy.

  17. Nathaniel Eastman says:

    If you did real stonework you would know not to do runs and standing
    stones.”two over one”.The real thing will last forever.yours will have to
    be repainted.When it cracks and it will it will show all.

  18. Miriam Alejandra says:

    the concrete has rock or it is just the concrete?

  19. Matt Snyder says:

    I think its a great idea for applications 4 foot and under , anything
    bigger and I’d go with stone.

  20. StoneMakers™ says:

    @fuzzpool It depends on the sealer you use, a little study goes a long way.
    If you dont like this process go back to the back breaking stone work and
    God bless you while you do it. I did it for many years and Im done I love
    this process and how well it has served me. We have polymers and several
    proprietary products in the concrete that make it much stronger than you
    could believe.

  21. StoneMakers™ says:

    @crazystoneworker we have a chemical that we add to the concrete that not
    only helps the concrete stand up but keeps it from setting up to fast. Its
    an hydroscopic product that increases the psi and flexual strength. Call us
    for more info.

  22. StoneMakers™ says:


  23. StoneMakers™ says:

    @fuzzpool I have been a mason for more than 30 years working with real rock
    3rd generation and to date i have not found any walls as strong as this
    process. If you knew the whole process you would understand. Rock really
    never binds to mortar and the psi is much greater in 2 inch slump concrete
    with our chemical additives. We are seeing close to 3,000 psi after only 24
    hours and can get up to 70 to 80 thousand psi and more by final cure time.
    Best of all it is monolithic.

  24. StoneMakers™ says:

    @fishermanfranky ask the block guys why they dont use stone.

  25. joys2dream says:

    Awesome!…You obviously have sat in front of actual rock walls and studied
    what “real” rocks look like. Great job…I’m motivated. Thanks!

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