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Grand Junction Concrete

Grand Junction Concrete is a local concrete contractor that provides any concrete construction services in Grand Junction and Western Colorado.


Concrete Foundations and Slabs in Grand Junction, Colorado


Concrete foundations or “Slabs” reinforce a building’s or a home’s structural integrity.Slab & Foundation Construction & Repair


A strong foundation needs to be formed and poured for a structure to withstand the test of time, sub-grades, and geological forces. Grand Junction Concrete has poured thousands of yards of foundations, slabs, and footings in Grand Junction, Colorado. The slabs we install include loading dock slabs, concrete parking slabs, equipment slabs or grade slabs. We understand the process from the excavation of footings to the placement of steel rebar and forms. From a simple concrete addition to the installation of a building slab, Grand Junction Concrete can handle any project you need completed on your property.

Browse through the images below to see some of the projects we have tackled over the years in the Western Colorado area.


Types of Slabs:

  • Structural Slabs
  • Trash Truck Slabs
  • Loading Dock Slabs
  • Foundation Slabs
  • Slabs on Grade
  • Parking Lot Slab
  • Interior Slabs
  • Equipment Slabs


Sidewalk Repair & Installation

Grand Junction Concrete offers many commercial, industrial, and retail concrete repair services including sidewalk repair. For close to 20 years Grand Junction Concrete has been performing concrete repair projects for property managers, owners, & general contractors. Our concrete service areas include all of Western Colorado. If you have a project that you need help with that is located outside of our service area, then give us a call us to discuss your schedule and project. (970) 235-1640


Sidewalk Repair & Construction

Grand Junction Concrete knows how to repair and install concrete sidewalks of all shapes and sizes. Over the years, we have become one of the leading cement sidewalk repair and installation companies in the Western Colorado Area. From standard 4’ sidewalks to custom sidewalk designs, we can handle any project. We also offer other alternatives such as exposed aggregate sidewalks, multi-grooved sidewalks, stamped concrete, & colored concrete plus many other types of sidewalk installations.


If you have an existing damaged cement sidewalk, we can repair that as well. Whether your existing concrete is suffering from root damage, water damage, or heavy weight-load damage, we have the right solution for you.


At Grand Junction Concrete, we try to understand the needs of our customers. When we perform a concrete sidewalk project we place as much emphasis on the concrete removal and demolition as the installation of the new sidewalk. We know how important it is to keep mess and debris to a minimum in order to create a safe environment for pedestrians and your customers near the job site.


Call Grand Junction Concrete with any of your concrete Sidewalk repair questions. We are happy to answer them!

Trip Hazards

Custom Finishes and Designs

Tree Root Damage

Removal & Replacement

Stamped Cement Walks

Colored Concrete

Exposed Aggregate

Sandblasted Finish


Joint Caulking


Driveway & Concrete Approach Replacement

Concrete Driveway Approach

Grand Junction Concrete understands the complex needs of constructing or repairing a driveway approach. From pulling right of way permits from the Building Department to the organization of the closure of the driveway, we also work with your property manager or operations manager to minimize inconvenience to customer and tenant. We are experienced installers of several types of approaches including but not limited to alley approaches, radius return approaches, depressed driveways, residential approaches, residential driveways, commercial approaches, parking booth islands. Grand Junction Concrete proudly serves Western Colorado and Eastern Utah. Contact Grand Junction Concrete for a price on your project.


Concrete Driveway Repair / Approach Repair

Commercial, industrial, or residential driveways and concrete approaches can all be repaired by Grand Junction Concrete. For several years we have worked with property owners, managers, cities, as well as homeowners in fixing their driveways and concrete approaches. With affordable rates and quality services, Grand Junction Concrete is your best choice. Call us today to talk about your driveway and approach repair project. Remember we serve Western Colorado, and beyond so call us for a quick and precise quote. Our services include commercial, industrial and residential projects.


Concrete Driveway Replacement / Approach Replacement

If your driveway or approach has reached a critical level of damage then driveway or approach replacement might be the best choice for you. If this is the case, then our company has the ability to come in and demo out the old concrete and pour back new concrete. We can handle all of your city or county permitting on the project and we offer a wide variety of options for your new driveway. City approach replacements are also a service we perform every single week throughout southern Colorado. Grand Junction Concrete has worked with countless businesses and municipalities to repair and replace driveway approaches that are in need of repair or just need to be newly installed. Call us today to discuss your project.


Concrete Driveway Construction / Approach Construction

If you have a tenant improvement project coming up, or just want to add something new to your business or home, Grand Junction Concrete can handle all facets of concrete construction. This includes driveways and approaches installed from blueprints or plans. Our crews can handle any facet of concrete construction that you need done. From demolition to forming to the pouring process we can handle every facet of construction repair. No short cuts are taken at Grand Junction Concrete and our company’s reputation shows that. We treat your project with the same importance we would want our work in our homes done with. Our concrete construction company is a family owned and operated business that is service driven.


Concrete Driveway Removal / Approach Removal

Sometimes our customers call us for concrete removal projects only. If you only need one facet of a project done we can accommodate that as well. We recognize that in this economy you have to be a little more mindful about your money, so if you can handle the removal and only want pouring we can do that. Or if you can handle the pouring but not the removal, we can also do that. Some of our driveway removal customers need the project done in phases and that can be accommodated as well. Call us today about your approach removal or driveway removal project and we will come out to discuss your options with you.


Flow Line Construction & Drainage Repair

Flow Lines

Concrete flow line, or “Swale,” is the most common and important piece of concrete in a parking lot. Flow lines help control water drainage by directing it to catch basins, drain boxes, and curb drains. These control measures help prevent costly damage from standing or running water eroding the asphalt or concrete in a parking lot. First, all existing and new elevations are surveyed to ensure proper drainage with no additional cost to the customer. Next, demolition is completed and the flow line is installed, or replaced, with the appropriate grade and thickness based upon the nature of the project. With years of concrete experience, Grand Junction Concrete understands the technical aspects of design, installation, and repair for all varieties of concrete flow line and swale.


Concrete Demolition

Concrete Removal, Demolition, & Concrete Breaking Experts


Serving Western Colorado for Concrete Removal Services:

Concrete removal, demolition, and breaking are essentially one way of saying the same thing to us. Concrete removal is one of our premiere services that we offer here at Grand Junction Concrete. Regardless of the size of your concrete removal project we have the equipment, resources and know-how to get the job done correctly and competitively. With tools and equipment ranging from bobcats, breakers and back-hoe’s, we have removed over 1 million tons of concrete in the last ten years. In addition to concrete demolition we can also break and remove asphalt, grass, brick and countless other materials from your project site. Please feel free to call and ask for our estimator, if you have any questions in regards to this or any other of our concrete services.


Grand Junction Concrete service areas include all of area code 970 in Colorado. Call Today (970) 235-1640


Concrete Demolition

At Grand Junction Concrete concrete demolition is always done in house, with our own employees, and our own equipment. Whether your project is indoors or out, Grand Junction Concrete has the experience to get the job done fast and efficiently. We have done removal projects all over Colorado from residents to warehouses, and industrial complexes. Grand Junction Concrete has a vast range of experience working with property managers, mall owners, & HOA’s to name just a few customer types.


Concrete demolition sometimes requires a special knowledge of pipes or wires running below your parking lot or slab, be confident that we at Grand Junction Concrete understand this and work closely with dig-alert and municipalities to avoid these problems. Also Grand Junction Concrete is fully licensed and insured including workers compensation so that you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have hired a professional concrete demolition company.


Concrete Hauling:

Sometimes our customers have the ability to breakup their own cement foundation or slab, but do not have the equipment to get it hauled to the appropriate place. Whether that is the dump or a recycling plant Grand Junction Concrete has the ability to handle that task for you. All of Grand Junction Concrete’s dump trucks have covered load beds, proper lessening and proper registration. When you see a Grand Junction Concrete truck on the road you see the pride we take in maintaining all of our equipment. It should be clean, organized and ready for work. We are constantly monitoring all of our truck driver’s records and all vehicles are gps tracked for speed violations and service areas.


If you have any questions regarding any of our concrete construction services please feel free to send us an E-mail or give us a call. We would love to earn your business and we know how to meet even the most stringent of standards.


Grand Junction Concrete service areas include Mesa County as well as the bordering counties. Call Today (970) 235-1640.


Handicap Ramp & ADA Upgrades

Handicap Ramp Info

A handicap ramp is one small facet of structural requirements mandated by the federal government. Whether in asphalt or concrete, its purpose is to provide an ADA compliant path of travel from city sidewalk throughout business facilities as well as crosswalks. Bernardo Inc is well versed in the codes set forth by the ADA and can help guide you to compliant parking lots and sidewalks, to insure no legality issues. We offer our ADA Upgrade and handicapped ramp design services throughout Colorado. Our service market includes Mesa, Delta, Montrose and Garfield Counties.


Concrete Ramp Choices offered by Grand Junction Concrete

Grand Junction Concrete Construction works with architects, engineers, and ADA specialists on a daily basis in order to stay informed of the constant changes to the ADA codes. We are familiar with basic asphalt handicapped ramp designs as well as concrete, such as curb-cut, pan, and more difficult designs like the switchback styles with poured in place walls or block walls. Not only can we handle your ADA concrete ramps, we can also handle the striping, signs, stenciling, and truncated domes related to your handicap ramp design project.


About the ADA and Ramp Design

The (ADA) was written with the intention of making sure disabled people had the same wheelchair access to a businesses, churches or any public place. If you have a handicap ramp issue or project please contact Grand Junction Concrete Here at Grand Junction Concrete we understand the complex codes and laws regarding concrete ramps and handicapped ramps. For over 20 years we have been creating solutions for property owners, managers and tenants. We understand all aspects of the ADA ramp design, wheelchair access issues and ada construction as well as budgeting for larger projects.


ADA Lawsuits and Concrete Repairs

If you have been named in an ADA lawsuit recently, then give us a call. We will provide you with an honest evaluation of your parking lot’s needs and help you navigate through the legal requirements of your parking lot. We have the years of experience required to help you navigate through these types of handicapped ramp repair, as well as the striping, signage, and truncated domes. We have helped many property owners and managers save thousands of dollars in unnecessary handicap ramp repairs. We have been dealing with ADA related repairs long before these frivolous lawsuits started springing up. Contact us toll-free for an honest evaluation of your handicap ramp design and wheelchair access issues.


ADA Concrete Ramp Construction

Grand Junction Concrete also offers ADA concrete construction services. From blueprint to build we can handle your concrete construction project. Once you’ve had your ADA design created give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to discuss it. As a licensed concrete contractor that has been in business for over many years, Grand Junction Concrete has performed concrete construction on properties all over Colorado. When it comes to handicapped ramps or concrete ramps Grand Junction Concrete has you covered.  Grand Junction Concrete service areas include Mesa, Delta, Montrose and Garfield Counties in Colorado.


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