Define Your Outdoor Space with Stamped Concrete Patios

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Define Your Outdoor Space with Stamped Concrete Patios

A thoughtfully designed patio helps to define outdoor space and lends character to your home. Well landscaped gardens, water fountains, and decorative patio surfaces are some of the many features that can help to enhance the beauty of your house. Speaking of decorative surfaces, a report by the National Association of Home Builders indicates that the number of people, who have opted for stamped concrete patios, has increased considerably. Here are some of the several advantages of using concrete flooring:

Design Versatility: Stamped concrete can be used to duplicate a wide variety of textures. Your patio flooring can be used to duplicate cobblestones, sea shells, wood, and even stone. In fact, a polished concrete floor can be acid stained to look like a polished stone floor. Acid staining gives out a translucent and spotted finish that is ideal for patios. And unlike paint or pigment, this does not peel or flake. Yes, it does fade, but only after several years of exposure to the sun. Before you choose to acid stain your stamped floor, ensure that the colors used are promised by the manufacturer to be ‘fade-proof’.

Cost: Your patio floorings can be made to emulate the appearance of natural stones marble, granite and other expensive flooring at just half the cost. The job isn’t labor intensive and easy to install and also minimizes the wast caused when laying natural stone surfaces. Concrete can take any shape and hence accommodate space restrictions, unlike natural stone floorings.

Easy to Maintain: Unlike wood, stamped concrete does not rot and warp. Stamped concrete patios do not allow weeds to grow between the supposed ‘cracks’ as they are one continuous surface. The cracks are mere impressions that go only partially through the surface. They are built to withstand the harshest of weather, and even if its cracks or looks faded new concrete can be poured over the old concrete.

You can either ask a professional contractor to lay the concrete for you, or do it yourself. There are several DIY kits available through home improvement stores. The process of laying decorative concrete is an art and not ideal for someone who struggles with creativity. A professional can ensure that the job is done thoroughly with creativity and lasts.

As earlier said, concrete is a versatile material and can be made to look like a wide variety of natural surfaces. Rather than spending money on imported stones, it makes sense to choose decorative flooring.

Ben Lager has been writing about stain concrete and stamped concrete patios for over three years.

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